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Six Rivers Brewery Chili Pepper Spicy Ale


I picked up a bottle of this at BevMo recently because I was unfamiliar with the brewery, and it had been a long time since I had tried a chili pepper beer.  They're a rare and rather bizarre genre of beers that more often than not tend to fall a bit flat in my (not so) humble opinion, but since I'm known for loving all things spicy I figured I'd give it a go.  

The pour is rather unimpressive, as it has a minimal head that dissipates quickly, and the CO2 bubbles remind me more of a soda than a beer.  It smells like a typical wheat beer, but with a hint of spice to the nose.  When you take the first sip, be prepared for your tounge to essentially say "What the hell is this?!"  My girlfriend was amused by the look of confusion on my face the first few sips in.  The best way I can describe it is if you took a standard wheat beer, and poured jalapeno juice into it.  I know, that sounds horrible, but after a few sips I started to warm to it.  Partially because unlike most beers in this genre, it actually has a pretty decent spicy kick to it, that you'll feel in your mouth and on your lips well after you've swallowed the beer.  It's not a beer that would work in all, or most, occasions but it would pair perfectly with a plate of tex-mex and a good smoky mezcal (Sombra and Scorpion are my two go-to brands).  

This is a beer that honestly, I still don't know if I really like or not, but it is something unique that I've not experienced before.  Because of that, I recommend picking up a bottle if you're stuck in a drinking rut and need a reminder that there's more to beer than the IPA's, Belgians, stouts, and pale ales that are currently dominating the craft brew market.