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Rockstar Recovery Lemonade


Odds are if you're reading this site, you've had a hangover before.  We've all heard the various "cures" for a hangover, and most of us more *ahem* seasoned drinkers know that none of them really work.  While Rockstar Recovery isn't a hangover cure, I can tell you from much experience that it DOES really help after a long night of drinking. 

Packed full of various vitamins that your body really needs after an evening of hedonistic excess, Milk Thistle to help your liver repair itself, along with a couple of cups of coffee's worth of caffeine, I find that this drink goes a long way towards helping you reclaim your day from the clutches of the evil hangover.  It also helps that it doesn't have any of the medicinal taste that most energy drinks have, and since it's non-carbonated it goes down smooth when your stomach isn't happy to be greeting the day along with the rest of your body.

So while it's no miracle cure, I highly recommend keeping a few of these around for those mornings when happy hour turned into a full night of marauding.