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Port Brewing Old Viscosity Ale


Old Viscosity has long since been a favorite beer of mine to have at the Toronado when they have it on tap, but I've never had the pleasure of having it from a bottle.  Aptly named, it pours like Mobil 1, only if it had 10% abv.  By the looks of the beer, one could be forgiven for thinking that it was a Russian Imperial Stout.  The head is silky and thick with a massive amount of staying power.  Once poured, it drinks amazingly smooth, almost reminiscent to a Guinness (heresy I know) if it were thicker with a higher abv.  Flavors include bourbon, oak, roasted malt, and a hint of anise.  I know that sounds like a stout, but there's still a great base of a dark hoppy double ale in there as well.  While there's a hint of a boozy alcohol bite, it isn't as prevelant as what you'd expect in a 10% beer.  This beer almost makes me think of a cross between Stone's Arrogant Bastard, North Coast's Old Rasputin, and Guinness.   I enjoy many different styles and brands of beer, but Old Viscosity is worth seeking out and is proof that they're doing great things at Port Brewing.  



Port Brewing Santa's Little Helper

Extremely opaque, with little head. Sweet and rich with a good alcohol bite. A bitterness similar to what you get in a good dark chocolate married with dark fruit flavors (plum, brandied cherry, etc) and a slightly malty finish. The kind of beer that you'd love one of but not two.