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Lagunitas Our Own Bavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen


Pours a slightly cloudy golden amber color with a white head that fades quickly.  Strong aroma of banana that's carried through to the first sip.  Along with the strong banana flavor, there's a distinctive flavor of bubble gum, as well as a hint of clove and pepper.  It's quite sweet, but with a sharpness to it and a dry yeasty finish.  Weighing in at 9% abv it obviously isn't your typical Doppel Weizen, but rather the style turned to 11 in that classic west coast brewing style.  It's quite good, but I'm not sure it's something I'll buy again.  Definitely worth trying at least once though just to experience a truly west coast take on this classic style of beer.



Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Ale


Lagunitas has never been afraid of using a lot of hop flavor in their beers, as is the case with most west coast breweries, so it's no shock that with a name like Hop Stoopid you get a ton of hop flavor in this beer.  This double IPA pours a nice golden color, with a pretty good head for the style that sticks around for a while.  You get a nice hoppy aroma, but without being excessively floral or perfumey.  

With the first taste you get a strong hit of hop flavor and lingering bitterness.  As you continue to enjoy the beer, you notice that the hop flavor is more focused than many highly hopped beers.  By using a large amount of hop extract in the brewing process in the place of actual hops, the brewers have created an IPA that feels a bit more refined and stripped down than most, forgoing the superfluous floral notes for the true essence and soul of the hop.  It's a nice twist that suits the beer well and helps set itself apart from other highly hopped west coast IPAs.  Quite refreshing for an 8% abv brew, and one I find myself returning to time and time again when I want a strong hoppy IPA, but I'm tired of Russian River's and Green Flash's offerings. If you like your hops, this is a beer worth trying.



Lagunitas Maximus IPA

Pours a nice golden color with minimal head. A bit sweet for an IPA in a manner that reminds of of a Dogfish Head product, but with more of a hoppy bite that's classically Lagunitas. A tad bit thicker than I'd like, but still quite drinkable.