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Heretic Evil Cousin Imperial IPA

Heretic Evil Cousin Imperial IPA is the latest offering from the new Heretic Brewing in Pittsburgh, CA.  Pouring with a really nice creamy head with some serious staying power, this golden IPA is a nice beer to look at, with tiny bubbles similar to champagne.  The aroma hits you with a good strong West Coast IPA hoppy smell that lets you know what you’re in store for.  As far as flavors go, you couldn’t get a more classic West Coast Imperial IPA flavor profile with a big hit of resinous hops, followed by a grapefruit finish.  It’s a bit of a surprise to find that the mouthfeel is nice and light though, and the flavors are a bit more balanced than something like a Pliny the Elder.  The alcoholic bite is about what you'd expect in an 8% beer, letting you know it's there without overwhelming the drinking experience.  If you like big bold West Coast IPAs, this is one worth seeking out.



Heretic Brewing Shallow Grave Porter

Pours with a great head that sticks around. Malty and sweet without being cloying. Nice toasty grain base and very balanced. If you like porters, it's worth a try.