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Eel River Brewing Triple Exultation Old Ale

Picked this up a while back and finally got around to trying it this evening. Eel River is a small brewery up in Fortuna, CA. They're usually overshadowed by Lost Coast Brewing a stone's throw away in Eureka, but I'm not sure if that's good after trying this brew. 

Triple Exultation is a strong ale that's VERY similar to North Coast's Old Stock Ale, which is a major compliment given that Old Stock was one of my favorite beers for quite a long time. It pours a nice dark mahogany color with minimal head (typical for this style). It hits you with a fairly boozy aroma and smells a bit like a strong russian imperial stout like North Coast's Old Rasputin. First sip is fairly overpowering with bitter-sweet malt, alcohol, and a strong coffee finish. Unlike so many high ABV beers, the brewers obviously never tried to cover up the fact that this is a strong beer, and frankly that brashness is rather refreshing for me. One thing you do noitce though, is that for a roughly 10% beer it's nowhere near as syrupy or sweet as many high ABV beers are. It's less thick and sticky than even regular Arrogant Bastard. I also appreciate the fact that they didn't over do it with hops. I enjoy a good hoppy beer, but out here on the west coast, brewers tend to try to make every beer they make as hoppy as possible, and it just burns you out on them after a while. If you're a strong beer lover, but tired of the hopfest that is west coast strong beers, give this beer a try. This has to be one of the most drinkable 10% beers I've had in quite some time, and I REALLY appreciate that they didn't try to cover up the fact that it's a big brash beer.

So, while Lost Coast may be the trendy brewery in the area, if this beer is any sign to their overall quality, Eel River might be the sleeper hit for the state of Jefferson. Well worth seeking out if you're a fan of big strong beers.