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Drake's IPA

Drake’s IPA pours a hazy light amber color with minimal head that dissipates quickly.  As you raise the glass you notice a very rich sweet hoppy aroma that predominantly features pine and citrus.  This is a great smelling beer and is exactly what you’d expect with a classic strongly hopped West Coast IPA.  That quintessential West Coast style continues with the first sip which hits you with a ton of hops, citrus tones containing a hint of sweet pineapple, and a slightly bitter finish.  There’s also a crisp finish that doesn’t leave you with the sticky mouthfeel that too many beers give you. 

While this is a very hoppy beer for a non-double or imperial IPA, I find that it’s actually pretty well balanced and has the exact flavor profile that I think of when I think of a West Coast IPA.  Were it not a 7% beer this is an IPA that you could happily drink all night.  Drake’s IPA is a great beer because it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be, nothing more and nothing less.