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Bear Republic Racer X


If you've spent any time in the Bay Area, odds are you've had a Racer 5 or two.  This quintessential west coast IPA has followers all over the area, not to mention all over the US.  Well once a year Bear Republic offeres of an intensified version of this brew that they like to call Racer X.  

Put simply, this is a Racer 5 with a higher ABV (8.3%) than Racer 5 and more hoppy resiny notes than the original.  In a way, I see this as Bear Republic's answer to Russian River's Pliny the Elder.  If you like big brash double IPA's, this is one worth trying.  I've seen it on tap at the Toronado a few times, and I'm lucky enough to live in San Francisco where it can be had in corner stores, but outside of here I suspect it's much harder to come by.  If you come across it, buy one without hesitation. 



Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

Pours opaque with minimal head. Good rye flavor on top of a hoppy base. Not too thick and not too boozy. Easy drinking with a good strong flavor that isn't overpowering. Tasty and refreshing.


Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout

Pours nice and thick with not much of a head at all. Smells sweet and slightly metallic. First taste gives you a big hit of coffee flavor followed by a caramel bitter-sweetness, and doesn't have quite as thick of a mouthfeel as you'd expect in an 8.1% stout. It's almost similar to a thinner and easier to drink Old Rasputin (one of my favorite beers). It is a LITTLE sweet, which is something you're just going to get in this level of a stout, but it's pretty nicely balanced. All in all I'd say that this is a solid stout that I'd be more than happy to order any time I was in the mood for a stout. It has the cajones that you want in a stout, without trying to win the "over the top" contest.