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Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

My good friend, Tom, was kind enough to bring me a bottle of this from Southern California the last time he flew to San Francisco for work.  It's nice to have such good friends, because this turned out to be a great beer.

Pours a nice golden color which makes it almost look like a pilsner. You can smell the hops, but it doesn't knock you over with the flowery punch that some strong IPA's do. It weighs in at a decent 7%, so it's no lightweight, but also doesn't put itself into the heavyweight class that some high end IPA's have been getting into. As far as taste, it's a very hoppy beer, but doesn't knock you over with it. It's also much crisper and much less syrupy or sweet than most IPA's in this category tend to be. All in all, I like this beer a lot. It has all the great hop flavor that you want in a strong IPA, but doesn't weigh you down like so many of them do. It's a very drinkable beer, and defiantly worth trying if you ever run across any.