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Ass Kisser Double IPA


Pours an opaque orange without any head to speak of.  Smells like a sweet non-floral IPA, which carries over into the flavor department.  If you drink west coast style IPAs, and expect the same going into this one, you'll be disappointed.  This reminds me more of the sweeter, less florally hoppy IPAs like Dogfish Head 90.  Though unlike the Dogfish offering, I find this IPA to be more watery in flavor, generally lacking the substance and bravado that you expect in a double IPA.  It also appears to be an unfiltered beer, as when I poured the last bit I got more than a fair amount of sediment in my glass that brought be back to my home brewer days.  

One thing I will give Ass Kisser though is they've made a very deceiving 9% beer.  It drinks like a 5-6% to the point where you could win a bet in a bar with someone if you told them they were drinking a 9% beer.  So, if you're looking for a fairly high abv beer that doesn't really taste like much of anything, then you sir (or madam) have found your beer.  But then if that's the case you really should ask yourself why you're looking for the same qualities in a beer as many young girls look for in their fruity vodka drinks they have at the club.  In short, if you want to try something from Ass Kisser, try their porter.  If you want a double IPA, get a Pliny the Elder from Russian River (or any number of other fantastic IPA options found on the west coast).