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Anderson Valley Brother David's Double

Named in honor of David Keene, the owner of the Toronado in San Francisco, this brew hails from the well respected Anderson Valley brewery in Boonville, CA.  It pours a nice dark chestnut color with good head that sticks around leaving nice lacing on the glass.  Suprsingly, there isn't much aroma to speak of other than some slightly sweet maltiness., even when the beer warms to around 55 degrees.  The taste once again hits you with the same sweet maltiness with a hint of banana, honey, and spicy hop.  I would have liked to see the mouthfeel have a bit more substance than what's exhibited here given that it needs to stand up to the 9% abv content.  All in all, not a bad beer, and certainly easily found in the Bay Area, but were it not so easily found I doubt I would expend much energy seeking it out.  Though if you find yourself somewhere that's offering it, and you're in the mood for a sweet malty Belgian with a little bit of a spicy kick, you could do worse.